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Amending your Revocable Living Trust

After your revocable living trust is prepared, there often arises the need to amend your trust. It could be that you want to change your successor trustee, change beneficiaries, or that new changes in the tax laws require some new or revised provisions. Some people think they can cross out information on their trust and make changes on the original trust document. This should never be done as the changes are not notarized and it may be difficult to prove that you were the one making the changes. An amendment to your trust should be prepared and notarized with the same formalities as your original trust.

You may also want to have an estate planning attorney review your trust to see if an amendment is appropriate. Some trusts become irrevocable after the death of the first spouse and depending on the trust language, may not be amended.

At Law Office of Scott C. Soady, A Professional Corporation, we can advise you as to whether your trust may be amended and with the preparation of amendments. We offer a complimentary consultation and you may call or e mail us for an appointment.

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