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Business Succession Planning- Estate Planning for Your Business

Whether yours is a small business or a larger closely held corporation, have you thought about what will happen to it when you have passed away? Many people work years to build up a successful business or practice. Sometimes the family business is the most valuable asset in an estate. Business succession planning is a critical part of an estate plan for someone with a business.

If the business is to stay in the family, you need to decide which family member or members are going to own it and who is going to run it. If you have no family members capable of running the business, is it to be sold to a stranger or run by a non family member with the family retaining ownership? These are all decisions you need to make before it is too late to plan. Some business owners don’t plan ahead because they don’t want to give up control or they want to avoid family conflicts.

If you don’t plan for the succession of your business however and you become disabled, it is too late to decide who steps in and runs your business. You need a business succession plan in place before you become incapacitated. This may include buy-sell agreements or other methods to buy out a partner or shareholder or it could include LLC corporations or LLP partnerships. It may involve transferring some ownership or control to children or other family members before you retire. Income tax or estate tax issues may be other considerations. Read the full article about the points to consider in business succession planning.

If you have concerns about how your business or practice will be handled upon your retirement, disability or death, contact us at Law Office of Scott C. Soady, A Professional Corporation. We can help you understand the options and alternatives available to you in business succession planning.

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