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Celebrities Whose Estates Make Millions Long After They’re Dead

Wouldn’t it be nice for your heirs to conintue to receive money from your estate long after you are gone? A recent article in Forbes Magazine listed the top celebrities whose estates continue to make money long after their death.

Not surprisingly, Evis Presley comes out on top, with income of $52 million in 2008. Some stars that are alive don’t make that much in a year. It is not known exactly how much of that flows into his estate because various entities own interests in the income stream.

Second on the list is Charles Schultz, of “Peanuts” fame whose estate gets a big chunk of the syndicatication and merchandise fees generated by the comic strip.

Also on the list was Australian actor Heath Ledger whose estate made $20 million, mostly from his film The Dark Knight and merchandise based on the movie.

Paul Newman also made the list this year with $5 million. Celebrities who have made the list for many years include Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Cash, James Dean, Beatle George Harrison, and Marlon Brando.

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