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Dennis Hopper: Probate

TMZ has an article which discusses the probate issues with Dennis Hopper. Probate is the process by which a court administers an estate. Dennis Hopper recently died. He was married and filed for a divorce but his divorce was not final when he died. He also had a prenuptial which specified certain terms and conditions.

When Dennis Hopper died, the divorce action terminates as a matter of law and the case goes into probate court where the litigation will continue. The division of the estate’s assets and debts will be decided by a probate Judge and not in a family law Judge. The factual pattern of a person passing away while going through a divorce is not as uncommon as one would imagine. It is very important, when going through a divorce, to consider whether or not modification to your estate plan is recommended. In a divorce case, since there are automatic temporary restraining orders when the petition and summons is filed and served, this needs to be considered in any change in the estate plan.

Whether you are a celebrity or not a celebrity, please feel free to contact our law office for your probate case.

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