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Do you have a Bucket List?

The movie The Bucket List recently came out in San Diego on DVD. This movie shows an unlikely pair of cancer patients (Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson) who compose a list of things they want to do before they die (places to visit, things they want to accomplish before they “kick the bucket.” ) In the movie, they sky dive, drive racing cars, get tatoos, and visit the Pyramids. You may have things you want to do which are a little less adventurous. Perhaps you have your own Bucket List of things you want to see and do in your lifetime. There are countless places in the world that would be fun to visit. There may even be some places you still haven’t seen in San Diego such as the beautiful beaches in La Jolla, Del Mar, or Solana Beach. Maybe you haven’t seen the beautiful view of the city from the Point Loma Lighthouse. There may be countless things you still need to say to the people you love.

While you are composing your own Bucket List, perhaps you should also consider creating an estate plan and setting forth what you want to happen upon your death. Although it may not be as much fun consulting an estate planning lawyer as it is to visit the Taj Mahal or Moonlight Beach, getting an estate plan will give you piece of mind. You can complete the rest of your Bucket List, knowing your affairs are in order and your estate will be distributed according to your wishes.

At Law Office of Scott C. Soady, A Professional Corporation, we can help you cross off “Create an Estate Plan” from your personal Bucket List. Call us or e mail us for a complimentary consultation.

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