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Documentary about Wills amd Trusts to Air on TV

In the 1950’s there was a TV program called “The Millionaire” where an anonymous millionaire gave away a million dollars each week to people he never met. The money was conditioned on the donee not revealing how he got the money or how much he received. I guess no one thought about things like gift tax, gift returns, or the IRS. It was TV!

A new documentary about real life situations involving wills and trusts is filming now for airing on Discovery Investigation. It will chronicle true stories about will, trusts, and estates and how they affected the people who created the will or trust, beneficiaries, or those cut out of a will. The program will interview everyone involved and show both sides of the controversy.The program is appropriately called “The Will.”

At Law Office of Scott C. Soady, A Professional Corporation we know the importance of creating an estate plan. Without a will or a trust, the California Probate Court will determine who inherits your assets and will do so through probate administration. Maybe such a documentary as “The Will” will help viewers to understand the importance of wills and trusts and encourage people who do not have an estate plan to create one.

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