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Faces of Our Estate Planning Clients

At Scott C. Soady, A Professional Corporation, we assist families and individuals with a variety of legal needs. We do family law, civil law, and estate planning. In the estate planning area, we have many different types of estate planning clients.

Some clients come to us because a loved one has passed away and they need help with probate if the loved one had a will. If the loved one had a trust, then they have questions about how to administer a trust. If someone dies without a will or a trust, then there will be a probate also. We can walk you through the probate or trust administration process
Many clients consult with us about a revocable living trust. Maybe they are a young couple just starting out, having their first child and want to create a trust to provide for their minor children should something happen to them Others want to be sure that their children do not receive an inheritance outright at age 18 and want to plan for incremental distributions should both parents die. Other trust clients want a trust to avoid probate for their beneficiaries. Some want to include charitable giving in their estate plan. Estate planning is the process of creating a legal plan that will protect you, your family, and your assets while you are alive, incapacitated, or when you pass away.

Some young adults who are turning 18 want to execute advance health care directives and HIPAA authorizations so that their parents can make health care decisions if necessary and have access to medical information.

We also see clients that want to establish a guardianship for a minor or a conservatorship over an adult who is unable to take care of their personal needs or finances.

There are also some clients who want help with business succession planning. They might want to create a plan to leave their ongoing business to a family member or a partner or draft a buy and sell agreements.

Lastly we also handle probate and trust litigation when problems arise in any of the above situations.
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