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“Feng Shui” Will of Asia’s Richest Woman Declared Invalid

Will and trust contests continue to produce interesting stories, whether among the rich or the ordinary. This past February, a judge in Hong Kong ruled that the estate of billionaire Nina Wang will not go to her feng shui consultant but to the charitable foundation she and her husband Teddy created in 1988.

Nina’s life and death reads like a soap opera. Nina was born in Shanghai and married her childhood friend Teddy Wang who grew rich owning and operating the Chinachem Group, one of Hong Kong’s largest and most powerful companies. Teddy Wang was kidnapped in 1983 and his wife paid a $33 million ransom for his return. He was kidnapped again in 1990 and never found. He was declared dead in 1991 and Nina took over the company. There were numerous court battles over his wills but eventually it was Nina who inherited his estate.

Nina drew up a will in 2002 leaving her multi-billion dollar estate to the Chinachem Foundation she and her husband founded. After her death, another will surfaced, dated 2006 and leaving her estimated $4 – $13 billion estate to her fung shui consultant, reported also to be her lover. “Feng shui” is the ancient Chinese system of aesthetics using laws of Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help improve life and create peace and harmony. The court ruled however that the will presented by Tony Chan, the feng shui consultant, had been forged. He was later arrested and charged with forgery.

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