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How Do You Know When a Loved One Can No Longer Live Independently?

You may wonder how to determine if a loved one is at a point where they should no longer be living independently. It is a hard decision for the individual involved and for family members who want to make sure their loved one is safe but also not be too hasty in suggesting they no longer live alone.

A free online assessment is available which asks questions designed to help you determine whether someone is safe living alone. Based on the answers to a series of questions, an assessment report is sent to you via email. The questionaire was designed by the Health and Disability Research Institute at Boston University. It asks questions like whether the person has had any falls; whether they can walk independently or use a cane, walker, or wheelchair. Questions are asked about whether the individual has difficulty preparing food, grocery shopping, washing dishes, doing laundry, writing checks, balancing their checkbook, and tending to personal hygiene. The test is designed to test basic movement and physical functioning, ability to perform daily tasks, and ability to perform life skills important to independent living.

Such as assessment may be a guide to help you decide if it is time to begin the conversation with your loved one. Part of the conversation should also be to be sure their estate planning documents are in order such as their will or trust and powers of attorney for finances and health care. We would be happy to discuss any elder issues or questions you may have. Call or email for a free consultation.

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