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Innovative Idea for Dividing Up Personal Property after Death

Are you the Executor or the Successor Trustee of a will or trust in San Diego? Are you faced with the dilemma of how to divide up personal effects of the deceased? How to divide personal property (furniture, collectibles, jewelry, cars) upon someone’s death can be a harder problem than distributing the rest of the estate. Many wills and trusts provide for distribution to heirs in equal amounts or equal shares, but how do you determine who gets what? What if more than one heir wants a particular item? How is the property valued, especially if its real worth is more sentimental than anything else?

There is an interesting alternative being offered by an auction company called eDivvyUp. This is an online auction site which can assist executors or beneficiaries deal with distribution of personal property. This company will inventory the items of personal property, photograph them, and then the beneficiaries are invited to participate in the auction with “points” they are assigned. At the end of the auction the property is distributed to the highest bidder.

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