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Martin Luther King Jr. Estate Dispute Still Pending

Martin Luther King Jr. died in 1968. His wife Coretta Scott King died in 2006 and yet issues are still being disputed over their estates. Two surviving children of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King are fighting over their parents’ estates. Bernice King, who is the administrator of her mother’s estate and her brother Martin Luther King III are suing their brother Dexter King alleging he wrongfully took money from Martin Luther King Jr.’s estate. Dexter King has counter-sued his sister to force her to turn over personal papers and love letters from Coretta Scott King’s estate.

A judge in Atlanta has ordered the personal property in dispute turned over to the Court until the issues can be resolved. The Judge has also order the three children to meet and try to mediate their differences.

Celebrities are no different than their non-famous counterparts when it comes to bickering over the administration of an estate. The probate court will treat them no differently. The only difference may be that they have to do their bickering in public as well as in the court room.

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