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Medicare Annual Enrollment Period Coming Up November 15, 2008

At Law Office of Scott C. Soady, A Professional Corporation, we want to make sure our clients and other seniors in San Diego are aware of matters important to them. Medicare is the nation’s largest health care plan covering nearly 40 million Americans. From November 15 until the end of the year is the Annual Election Period (AEP). Those eligible for Medicare or those already enrolled can change their enrollment in or out of Medicare Part D and Part C.

If you currently are on Medicare you know that there are four parts. Most people with Medicare have Part A which is basically hopsital coverage and Part B which covers doctors and oher practicioners. Part C is the Medicare Advantage Plans under which Medicare pays a private insurance company to administer your Medicare benefits. Part D is the prescription drug coverage.

Many people will receive information from the Advantage companies before November 15 advising them of any intended changes to existing plans in 2009. This may be called an Annual Notice of Change. If you receive information that your plan is changing, you should review it carefully in order to make an intelligent decision on whether to enroll or remain in the Medicare Advantage Plans. At the Medicare website you can read about the various plans and the step by step process of the decision making in the Medicare Handbook for 2009. National Care Planning Council also has information on the Medicare approved advantage plans in California.

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