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Miramar: Smoke Alarms: Inexpensive Guardian Angels

In Miramar, as with other neighborhoods of San Diego, fire and smoke are life threatening issues. The San Diego Fire Department has information which is very useful. Many local stores such as the Home Depot have these smoke detectors. Our law firm of Law Office of Scott C. Soady, A Professional Corporation, LLP does not endorse any particular store. If you need assistance with a legal matter, please feel free to contact our firm by e mail or phone.

If you could pay $10 and, in return, get a guard who would warn your family if your house caught fire, would you? Of course you would. Despite this, most people do not have enough smoke detectors in their homes–detectors that will stand guard over your family’s lives 24 hours a day. The evidence shows that using even an inexpensive smoke detector increases your family’s chance of surviving a house fire by 50%, making it one of the best investments you can make for your family’s safety.

Experts recommend installing smoke detectors, the cheapest of which start at about $10, throughout your house. At a minimum, install one detector for every floor and one outside of each bedroom. Test your smoke alarms once a month, and replace the batteries once a year. Make sure that every member of your family knows (1) what to do when the smoke alarm sounds, and (2) the fire escape route from each room. A little advance planning can help make sure that you and your family have a better chance if a fire should start in the night.

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