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North San Diego County – Will and Trust Litigation

Even when a person dies with a will or a trust, there can be disputes that result in a will contest or trust litigation. An individual may feel he or she should have been a beneficiary under a will or a trust. Sometimes a will has been changed and beneficiaries under the original will feel there has some impropriety surrounding the execution of the subsequent will. Sometimes beneficiaries may be dissatisfied with the accounting of the assets in the estate. When these types of issues occur, it may become necessary to seek the assistance of the court to resolve these issues. Common grounds for contesting a will are such things as claims of undue influence, lack of mental capacity, fraud, or an invalid codicil (amendment).

With a trust, individuals who are beneficiaries or think they should be a beneficiary may dispute the trust. Issues can arise such as the validity of the trust or amendments, the administration of the trust, or conduct of the trustee. Sometimes trustees have to be removed for misconduct or impropriety or it may be the case that beneficiaries have to initiate litigation to receive a fair distribution.

Handling a will or trust litigation matter requires special experience. If you have concerns about a will or a trust or believe you should have inherited from one, the experienced estate planning lawyers at Law Office of Scott C. Soady, A Professional Corporation can assist you. Call or e mail us for a complimentary, confidential in-house consultation.

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