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Parents of high school graduates in San Diego – is your child now 18?

If your child is now 18, there is valuable information for you and your now “adult” child available for free. There is a publication entitled “When You Become 18: A Survival guide for Teenagers” published by The State Bar of California. This pamphlet can be ordered in print form or downloaded from the bar website and answers such questions as what happens if my 18 year old commits a crime? As parents, are we responsible if our 18 year old injures someone with the family car?

One document every adult child should have is an Advance Health Care Directive to appoint someone to make health care decisions in the event of an incapacity. Once a child turns 18, the parents can’t make medical decisions for their child. If the parents are divorced or separated and disagree on medical treatment, how is it resolved?

Similar to the Terry Schiavo case, there recently was reported the story of a 25 year old single woman who was brain damaged as a result of a dirt bike accident. She had no living will or power of attorney for heath care. Her divorced parents are arguing over a DNR order (do not resusitate order) signed by her mother and whether the mother or the father should be appointed her temporary guardian to make those end of live decisions.

An Advance Health Care Directive is a document that would have avoided this conflict by naming an agent to make health care decisions and setting forth the young woman’s wishes about life support and end of life issues. At Law Office of Scott C. Soady, A Professional Corporation we can help you with an Advance Health Care Directive or any other estate planning issue. Please call or email with any questions in this area or to set up a free in-house consultation.

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