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San Diego: Business Startup–Should You Be A “Franchise Player”?: Who’s in Charge Here?

In San Diego, there are many franchise opportunities. For example, in San Diego, 7-11 stores and Little Caesers Pizza are franchises. Always check with the local Better Business Bureau and retain experienced and competent legal counsel to assist you with this business venture. Our law firm of Law Office of Scott C. Soady, A Professional Corporation, LLP invites you to e mail our firm with any questions and our firm does not endorse or recommend any specific franchise opportunities.

It is the nature of a franchise that, in exchange for getting to hitch its wagon to the franchisor, the franchisee agrees to give up some of the control over how the business will operate. There still should be room for putting a personal stamp on the business, but the franchise business model is not for someone who would have difficulty giving up the decision-making power that comes with starting a business. Owners of a “Mom and Pop” do not need permission for their store’s color schemes, but the franchisee probably will.

As set out in the franchise agreement, the franchisor will usually have the final say about the specific goods and services that may be sold, site approval for the business location, design or appearance standards, as well as authority over an array of operational matters such as hours of operation, signs, employee uniforms, and even bookkeeping procedures. On the larger scale, the franchisor also may limit the franchisee’s business to a specific territory.

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