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San Diego, California: Less Paperwork for Employers

San Diego, California has many small business owners and employees. In fact, in San Diego, the number of small business firms are much more numerous than large business firms. The Internal Revenue Service has lightened the paperwork load for about a million small businesses. Employers are required by the Internal Revenue Code to deduct and withhold Social Security and income taxes from the wages paid to their employees. The withheld taxes are then held by the employer in trust for the benefit of the United States. Depending on the amount of employment taxes withheld, at various time intervals an employer must deposit the withheld amounts in an approved bank.

Before the IRS issued the new regulation, an employer could avoid having to deposit accumulated employment taxes every month if the total amount of such taxes was less than $1,000. The new regulation raises that threshold to $2,500. For quarterly and annual return periods beginning January 1, 2001, businesses with less than $2,500 in employment taxes for a return period may pay the full amount with the regular return for that period, rather than having to make monthly deposits.

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