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San Diego Cats Enjoy Retirement Living in Spring Valley Thanks to a Pet Trust

Recently the San Diego Union reported the story of a cat named Teila living out her days on the grounds of the National Cat Protection Society in Spring Valley. This shelter opened in Spring Valley in 1975 but in 2000 a “retirement center” was built complete with a playroom, bedroom and shaded patio. They expect to continue to expand with places for cats to climb and explore in a tropical island atmosphere. The owner Gerri Calore, reports that one woman came in to view the center as a home for her 8 cats after her death. She is going to set up a pet trust which will include a lifetime care plan at the center. The owner says that the retirement center, while the first of its kind in San Diego, is a growing trend among pet owners.

A growing trend is also providing for pets in your will or trust. You can read about the various ways to handle estate planning for pets in an article about the subject on our website. If you would like to incorporate such ideas into your own estate plan, call us or e mail us. At Law Office of Scott C. Soady, A Professional Corporation we can assist with this or any other estate planning issue and offer a complimentary consultation..

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