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San Diego Federal Court Ruling: Man Barred from Preparing Tax Returns

In San Diego, a Federal District Judge ordered that Mr. Kyle be barred from preparing tax returns for others. San Diego has both State and Federal Courts and the ruling was issued by San Diego Federal District Chief Judge Gonzalez. This preliminary injunction prevents Mr. Kyle, a resident of San Diego, California, from preparing tax returns for others as well as his companies. If you are a client of Mr. Kyle, you need to seek immediate assistance from a qualified Certified Public Accountant who can review your returns as Mr. Kyle is alleged to have prepared and filed over 10,000 returns since 2000 with an estimated tax loss of over $18,000,000. You will also want to seek the assistance of our law firm, Law Office of Scott C. Soady, A Professional Corporation, LLP if you are charged with federal tax fraud.

The IRS is also involved in this case and is stating they will work to stop fraudulent preparers of tax returns. This is a very significant case and worthy of a news and commentary blog since this is a San Diego case and may well affect thousands in San Diego who may be audited and/or criminally charged.

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