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San Diego Guardianship: Example of Emergency Guardianship

In San Diego, there are many instances of when an emergency guardianship would be necessary. A hearing would have to be set up in advance with the Clerk’s Office as [many times] there is no existing case number to file a petition for emergency guardianship under.
In San Diego, there is a court house on 4th Avenue in San Diego and another court house on Melrose Avenue in Vista which hear guardianship cases.

A recent article highlights the types of emergencies which can occur. In that case, a San Diego man located a six year old girl and her baby sister in Baja, California. Many San Diego residents have visited El Rosario in Baja and this is a popular tourist destination for Southern Californians. The girls were with their fugitive parents. The girl’s relatives will petition the Court in Santa Cruz County [where the proper venue is] for an emergency {ex parte} guardianship.

Emergency situations can arise in regards to minors. Please feel free to e mail our firm of Law Office of Scott C. Soady, A Professional Corporation, LLP if you have an emergency [or non emergency] guardianship questions.

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