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San Diego Probate Court: Wills, Trust and Estate: 2011

The San Diego Superior Court has a lot of information on different areas of the law. The divisions are broken down by area of law and there is a section devoted to probate which has information on many probate issues.

Information includes the definition for probate as a court supervised process for gathering and identifying the assets of the decedent as well as distributing the balance to beneficiaries after paying expenses, debts and any taxes owed to the IRS. Probate also involves the transfer of property of the decedent to beneficiaries. Probate can also involve deciding if a will is valid and other issues brought before the Court.

Not every estate has to go through probate. In San Diego, California, for estates under $100,000, there are procedures to transfer property without a court order. The valuation of an estate can be difficult and needs to be completely accurate.

If you have a question as to estates, trusts or will including the valuation of an estate for probate, please contact us for a complimentary and confidential consultation.

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