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San Diego Probate Guardianships: Requirements

In San Diego, California, there are exact rules for becoming a guardian which is an appointment by the Court. There are different standards depending on the legal relationship between the minor and the guardian. For example, if you are a relative of the minor then the investigation is completed by Family Court Services. Family Court Services is the mandatory mediation process used in San Diego, California and the mediators are licensed clinical social workers hired by the Court to assist in the agreements and/or recommendations regarding custody and placement of minors. Guardianships are only for minors and this is the age of 18 in California. If you are not the relative of the minor, then a contact with the San Diego Department of Health and Human Services will need to be contacted. Their phone number is 858-616-5907 however numbers often change. If you call and this is not the correct number, please feel free to call the office and we can assist in getting the correct number.

If the guardianship is for the estate only, you will need to contact the Probate Investigators in the Vista Court House at 760-806-6150 or the Probate Investigators downtown at 619-687-2000. This is a very complicated area of the law and the guardianship can be for the person, estate or the person and estate. An analysis really needs to be made at the beginning of the case for the best chance of success. Please visit our website at Law Office of Scott C. Soady, A Professional Corporation, LLP or e mail us for any questions you may have at

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