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San Diego Probate Website: Steve Fossett

In Illinois, a Probate Judge is expected to hear testimony about the disappearance of Steve Fossett. As all recall, his body was never found. This also happens in San Diego as well and the procedure is to have the case probated. In the Fossett case, the wife of Steve Fossett is expected to testify that she has good reason to believe that her husband died when he was never found after flying in the Nevada desert. Many of the residents of San Diego habitually fly over the desert in Nevada and also go to Las Vegas. The issue of what happens when a body cannot be found is complex and complicated.

There is a legal rule in California that a person who has been missing for less than seven years is presumed to be alive unless evidence shows otherwise. There is a need in this case for a ruling of the husband being deceased for legal purposes of the wife and the estate. You can view the full article on Law Office of Scott C. Soady, A Professional Corporation, LLP website which has a daily newsletter for estate planning or go to the website for the Chicago Tribune which had details of the full article as our newsletter changes daily for the most up to the date news on estate planning. Always feel free to e mail us as well.

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