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Guardianship in San Diego Superior Court: July 2011

In San Diego, the San Diego Superior Court hears cases invoving guardianship. These cases are heard in the Probate Division. Guardianships can be both of the estate and/or person and gives legal custody of a minor to someone who is not their parent. If a child is in immediate danger, the San Diego Superior Court advises to immediately call 911.

Guardianship can be of the person or of the estate. A guardianship of the person means that you have control and are in charge of the child’s personal needs, health care and education as well as arranging for the child’s protection and care. A guardianship of the estate means that you must file accountings with the Court as scheduled, keep an accurate list of the minor’s estate, protect the minor’s property and income and manage the minor’s finances in a prudent manner. This can happen, for example, when a parent dies and leaves a child their life insurance or other assets and the other parent is deceased.

A guardianship can be either temporary or permanent. A guardianship of the person will require an investigation by either the San Diego Family Court Services or the San Diego Health and Human Services Agency.

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