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Guardianship of the Person: San Diego Superior Court Timeline: July 2011

Guardianship of the person means that the guardian of the minor arranges for the protection and care of the minor. This includes housing, clothing, food, shelter, education and all other needs. The guardian of the person also is in charge of all the personal needs of the minor, their education and their health care and medical needs. Depending on insurance coverage, a guardian may be able to obtain coverage of a minor through their medical insurance.

The San Diego Superior Court’s timeline for guardianship of the person is approximate only and used for reference purposes. The petition is deemed to be filed on Day 1. A temporary guardianship may be requested but only under limited circumstances. On Days 1-5, the investigation is scheduled by either the San Diego Health and Human Services Agency of the San Diego Family Court Services. On Days 1-15, the relatives of the minor must be served with notice. On day 20, check the probate examiner’s notes. On days 20-25, clear any defects which are in the pleadings. On Day 30, attend the hearing. On Days 30-35, file the order and ask for any letters needed.

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