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Probate Mediation: San Diego Superior Court: 2011

In San Diego, many parties involved in probate litigation would like to settle their case. In some cases, emotions and other factors may prevent this. The San Diego County Superior Court has a probate mediation program. Mediation, in probate court, is a non binding and confidential process in which a trained mediator will act as a neutralk to assist in reaching a settlement of all issues as much as possible.

The parties can resolve the matter with the assistance of the mediator. The mediation process may avoid a trial which would save the parties thousands on legal fees and also the uncertainty of the trial result. Mediation can include guardianships, conservatorships, trusts, estates and probate. For the selection of the mediator, the San Diego Superior Court maintains a binder in each probate courtroom and also the business office at both the Madge Bradley Courthouse and the Vista courthouse.

The selection of the mediator can be crucial in the outcome of the case.

For more information on mediation in probate court, or for any estate planning matter, please feel free to contact us for confidential and complimentary consultation.

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