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San Diego Probate: Transferring a Vehicle without Probate: 2011

The San Diego Superior Court has instructions on how to transfer a vehicle without probate. On the probate section, there is a section discussing the transfer of a vehicle without probate. The California Department of Motor Vehicles also has a section on the transfer of a vehicle without probate. To transfer a motor vehicle without probate, the below is the procedure.

The following documents must be submitted to the California Department of Motor Vehicles [DMV]: a title certificate; odometer disclosure statement; statement of facts with the applicable provisions completed; affidavit for transfer without probate and, if owned jointly by two or more deceased person a death certificate for each owner who is deceased. The transfer of ownership cannot be sumitted until 40 days after the death of the owner. If registration fees are due before this period, then these should be paid to avoide penalties.

There is a fee for the transfer of the vehicle ownership. These fees could include any past due amounts or penalties.

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