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Probate: San Diego Union Tribune: Professional Fiduciary

It is crucial to have a trusted and competent professional fiduciary as needed on your probate case. As the professional fiduciary has access to all accounts, they need to be trusted, honest and licensed by the State of California and verified. In most cases, the professional fiduciary is private and hired by a private party. The San Diego Union Tribune, in 2011, posted an article about a professional fiduciary who was hired by the San Diego Superior Court and who used money entrusted to her for gambling.

The professional fiduciary, Teresa Laggner, had been appointed by the San Diego Superior Court for over 13 years. The allegations include that she misappropriated, for her gambling and other use, over $2,000,000. The allegations also include the time periods from 2006 through 2011. Ms. Laggner was charged in the United States Federal District Court with criminal offenses which, as punishment, can have her incarcerated for many years.

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