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San Diego: Probate Bonds

In San Diego, there are two Probate Courts. One court is in San Diego and the other court is in Vista. The Judges follow the Probate Code and this requires, in some instances, a bond be placed with the Court. This is not an unusual procedure in Court however we find many of our client’s are unfamiliar with the bonding process and are insulted by this requirement. The probate process, in and of itself, can be confusing enough.

The bond can be posted in cash with the Court. Most parties to a probate action, however, post the bond through a bonding agency. Bond Services of California is one bonding company and there are others. We do not endorse or recommend this company and list this for informational purposes only. Please make sure to check with the Better Business Bureau of San Diego for any companies in San Diego [including bonding companies] or in the city in which you need the services. Our firm of Law Office of Scott C. Soady, A Professional Corporation, LLP can assist with the liaison of a bond as needed. There are strict requirements for being bonded as well and this can be a complicated and confusing area.

Please feel free to e mail our firm or call for a complimentary and confidential consultation if you are seeking a probate attorney or have a question regarding the need for a bond in a probate case.

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