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San Diego: Useful Government Links

In San Diego, and California, there are many governmental agencies. Below is a list of links of some of the most important for your use and reference. In our firm of Law Office of Scott C. Soady, A Professional Corporation, LLP, we want to make sure you have information to make an informed and intelligent decision regarding legal services as well as other services. Official government websites can assist in obtaining reliable information as well as making sure that the information received is current and up to date. This is not a comprehensive list and is intended only for the reference of our viewers.

In San Diego, there are many useful websites in addition to the ones for the State of California below. The San Diego District Attorney office is a very informative website regarding the workings of the main prosecutor’s office in San Diego. The website for CalTrans is very useful since you can obtain current traffic information and, currently, there is also a service on mobile phones if you dial “511” for current traffic information in the event you are not near a computer with internet access.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles is one agency in which people have many questions and the lines can be long at the local departments so a web search can save time. Another website which is useful is the California Secretary of State. This has many government services listed. Some find the California State Library a very useful website for information as well.

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